Hrishikesh Sandilya
Well, I am someone who first invested in the market in Late 2007, as advised by a broker and lost few lakhs before I decided to leave the market and stick to mutual funds with a long term view.

But after buying your books, for last few weeks, I am again trying my hands at trading. Of course I am using to validate my learning. I still don't have the guts to invest in a real market.

But I am very happy to inform you that by employing methods learnt in your book, I did multiple tradings in Sun Pharma and made a huge (virtual) profit.

Thank you for the knowledge. Hopefully I will be back in the real market son.
Naveen Natarajan
Hi All,

I'm way too indebted to this person Mr. Shabbir. He hasn't got the benefit of a single penny from me. The one place where I come in and ask for favour with confidence that I would get a reply from the heart for years is the very same person. Normally, what one thinks of a person involved with the stock markets and stuff is quite different - Profit oriented/Wealth oriented and inclined towards were money could be made etc. But this person is totally different. Have been so prompt at all times over the years. He may be on tour, busy or whatsoever. But, his advise at any times are the least delayed. Honestly, even if i try my best I could never keep going like this even if I'm offered money for the service. I'm writing all this since I feel highly indebted and felt like sharing my feelings. When I look back, I have learned many things from him. I've transformed quite a lot. Stock market was a place where I tend to loose quite a lot of money. But now I've the confidence that equities can't erode my wealth at any cost and on the contrary could make meaning to the earnings that i invest.
Forgot to mention about ELSS. Learned lessons that cannot be learned from anywhere else.

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. Wishing to see you attain greater heights.

Best Regards,

Hiren Rachh
Dear naveen, priya and shabbir....
Thank u so much for all the discussion , feed back, help ...its very interesting.....and very useful to a person like me who is learning.....thanks a lot...

I take this opprtunity to congrarulate and say thanks to shabbir who has created such great plateform....

Thanks to.all once again
Best regards..
Originally Posted by shabbir View Post
So do you think everyone in the market is making things for retail investors to make money. You are leaving in dreamland then.
Yes you are correct, in stock market no one cares about retail investors, better to use stop loss.

If news positive about any sector stocks can go up like heaven at the same time, if news negative about any sector stocks can go down like hell.

Today IT falls like hell.

Thanks for the help, to make me understand the reality in stock market.

Suraj Naik
Hello Shabbir,

This update is purely to guide the fellow investors/traders not for promoting huge gain strategy from option trade...pls study the ebook points by shabbir...I am putting this update for the following two points...

1. Don't wait till or after the result day of the particular stock
2. Don't ever trust the channel's so called market GURU's...

Reliance 860 Call option...I have enter it in between break out at 855 level and kept stop loss of about 830 for the target of 920+

I squared off my position on Friday as the results are about to be declared by the end of the day on Friday.

Regarding the market analysis about the Reliance results on weekend on all channels...about Reliance touching 980 or 1000+ on Monday opening...

it's actually affected the profit booking stage you might have seen if script is strong it will reflect on charts and price action or it will go to sideways after hitting resistance level as it in Reliance it's I guess 920+ or 940 level...

Credit goes to Shabbir for all his experience and efforts for all those tips mentioned in the ebook...

Veren Mitter
Hi Shabbir
I would like to thank you personally for my first trade after the technical analysis.
I had entered into the stock last week at 115 and came out today at 125 . Though the gain was not much but I was eyeing to exit with 10 Rs up and of course with profit.

Thanks to you for all the learning we are getting..
Next time I am gonna trade with high qty.

Thanks again. First profit is always memorable and I give credit to you buddy.
Thanks again